Over the weekend I traveled to Madison to be a vendor at their knitter’s guild event, Knit- it.
Volunteers from the guild were there to help the vendors unload (and then re-load). Many classes were offered and each attendee had name tags with their lunch and class selections printed on it. I love to talk to the folks that stop by my booth and the guild was kind enough to print some great opening questions right on their name tags! “Lily Chin lecture, Cobb salad and Steeks?! Is there a better way to spend a Saturday?”
I had a grand old time and met my first Craft Lit listener. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to meet the people that will use the things I create. When someone buys one of my pieces I am being invited to come into their home and become part of their routine. I am overjoyed when I meet a customer who shares the value of a handmade item. These moments of mutual understanding are what give me the fuel necessary to work solo in my studio. Thank you!
I am finishing up my applications for the summer and will post a list of upcoming shows soon!
I’m also knee deep in some website work right now – good stuff on the way! I’ll keep you posted!

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