Finished Object (!?!!)

Lately I’ve been feeling my knitting stash is the land of misfit toys. There are single socks, hats, sweaters, even a shawl that are all at some level of abandonment. Somewhere along the line I became disillusioned with the yarn, the stitch,
pattern or eek! my math was off.
( I just realized I have to rip back 10inches of a sweater back because silly me forgot to make sure I had enough uninterrupted stitches on either side of a cable panel to account for the arm hole decreases )
These ufos are in boxes and bins in the spare bedroom. I am slowly bringing them to light to decide their fate. Frog or fix? I hope to weed through the ufos to have a clean slate of knitting in the future. Besides, what feels better than a completed project? In that spirit . . .

Here’s the first Tomten I have ever knit. I used Canadian Regal, purchased at Meg Swansen’s knitting camp this summer ( 2 1/2 balls of the main color and barely any of the contrast color). The sweater was knit off and on throughout the months of August and September. I love the result – it was too hot to have the recipient try it on for a photo shoot. Soon enough it will be cold and the sweater will get worn!
In a fit of embroidery fever I made a onesie for my newest nephew. I heart french knots.
Fun, no?

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