Things have been busy around here. My first event of the season is this weekend and I have been in the studio at all hours of the day and night. I’m back to having my meals in front of the computer so I can read and respond to emails in between spoonfuls of breakfast, or lunch as the case may be. After sending a few humorous emails after 11 pm I’ve decided to cut myself off, at least in electronic communication, after 11. Most people do this with coffee, but lately I’ve noticed I’m having an extra cup in the afternoon. Perhaps that’s why I hear the BBC broadcast every evening, or maybe that’s the reason for the humorous emails.
At any rate I have many, many pieces ready for Yarn over. The above picture is of some mugs bisqued mugs waiting to dry. (I was my pots off after their first firing to remove any goobers or burrs that are left from the carving) These pieces have already been glazed, fired, and are now cooling off in the kiln. At last check the kiln was at 1034 degrees Fahrenheit. When this load is cool enough to unload I will be loading another glaze – probably late (hello BBC) this evening. Good thing I have plenty of coffee in the house.
If you’re in the area this weekend stop by Yarn over. There will be plenty of vendors with wonderful goodies! I will have some wonderful friends watching my booth in the afternoon while I take a class with Meg Swansen. Oooh I’m so excited!

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