Rip, Rip, Rip . . .

Last week the yarn finally came into Ingebretsen’s. The Rauma Finullgarn for my setesdal sweater. After a quick swatch and a little math (I was referred to this book for direction) I was off. I charted the patterns and took off in a knitting frenzy ( as fast as one can knit 8 sts / inch! ) Alas, I have been knitting the same two inches since last week. First I had a screwy bit over the steek stitches. Okay, rip, redo, knit on. Second, I forgot to put my red stripe in. Do I really want the red stripe? I do want the red stripe. Rip, add stripe, knit on. Now, I appear to have mis-charted my pattern and knit on oblivious to my error – until today. It zigs then zags and then zig- zags before it should. See? It is an error that is consistent around the body of the sweater. So I will rip again to just after the red stripe and begin again. May the third time indeed be the charm!

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