Testing, testing . . .

This morning I received an email from my web guy. The site is almost done and I got to poke around in a test site. It looks good. I’m excited to see the response. I have compiled a small list of folks who are interested in the site from various fiber festivals. I’ll send an email invitation to announce the site. The ad in knitty should be up either later this week or beginning of next week. So many things to do. I had hoped to have a large stockpile of mugs and bowls ready for the launch of the site. With the acne like glaze defect I experienced this last month all my efforts were useless. Most of the pieces that were fired repeatedly had to be trashed. So back to square one. I have thrown a fair number of pieces and now I will descend into the studio to carve away!

2 thoughts on “Testing, testing . . .”

  • I adore the mugs (found them via Annie’s site)!

    My question is, the color choices you list – is that for the color of the yarn ball or the base color for the mug?


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