Crawling around

Lil on the move

Lil on the move

High time for a baby update, right? Lil bot is nine months old now and has just started crawling. She also likes to help out whenever possible.



* I’ve had a few emails lately asking about the availability of my pots. I am currently putting finishing touches on a kiln load to be posted online, soon. Please be patient, they’re coming, soon, promise*

3 thoughts on “Crawling around

  1. Ellen

    I am glad to hear it! I need to pick up some more of those dipping bowls – I love them and didn’t buy enough at MDSW.

  2. twinsetellen

    I have been trying to take pictures of kittens lately. They all turn out looking like that top one of Lil. Lots of motion, very little face. Yet entirely adorable.

    Oh, they chew a lot, too.

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