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Hello, most of my work is stockpiled for my shows, but I do have occasional online sales (we call them updates). I send out an email to my mailing list maybe once a year, and post information on my online updates on my instagram feed and facebook page.

looking for online updates? I host my sales on my shopify page.–>link here

Join the update list, and get advanced notice of online updates —> link here 


Maryland Sheep and Wool – West Friendship, MD May 2019

Monarch Festival- Minneapolis, MN September 2019

New York Sheep and Wool – Rhinebeck, NY October 2019

Venn Makers Market– Minneapolis, MN December 2019


Maryland Sheep and Wool – West Friendship, MD May 2020

Monarch Festival- Minneapolis, MN September 2020

New York Sheep and Wool – Rhinebeck, NY October 2020

20 thoughts on “Show Schedule –”

  • Look forward to seeing more of your items on Etsy. Recently your ‘Feats of Clay’ in the Vogue Fall 2011 love the design.

  • I love the stoneware earrings featured in the Holiday 2011 Knit Simple magazine. When will they be available to purchase?

  • I am so glad you are coming back to Stitches Midwest! I didn’t go last year because you weren’t there. I hope you do another Valentine’s update this year!

  • I’m sad to see that you don’t have Shepherd’s Harvest on your schedule, but I can understand since it’s the weekend following Maryland. Hopefully I can get to WI Sheep and Wool in September, or heck, just make an appointment to stop by since I live in St Paul.

    The little man is SUPER cute!

  • I’m looking forward to seeing you at MS&W. I plan to pick up a yarn bowl (hopefully since I’ll be coming on Sunday instead of Saturday.)

  • Was looking forward to seeing you at Yarnover this weekend, but sadly you were not there… Is Stitches Midwest a confirmed date? Am hoping to give your pottery as gifts –

  • Hi Jenny
    I look forward to stopping by your booth every year at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival! Any chance you’ll be bringing along any of your” bike inspired” pottery designs? I would love a mug!

  • Hi jennie. I love your work. I have seeing it on pinterest while searching for colored slip, slip decoration images. If you are willing to share…. I would love to know what colorant you use in the light green underglaze in your leaf motif. I was handed down a bunch of mason stains over 10 years ago and I am finally using them. I had a color similar to yours but the label on the box doesn’t make any sense. I am at the end of what i had. All of the mason stains i have tried other than chartreuse are too dark for me. Any help is appreciated. Thank you

  • K,
    Thanks for the question. My leaves are often different colors but I typically start with commercially prepared underglazes. My preferred manufacturer is Amaco. I often mix commercial underglazes together with studio mixed slips or stains. I’m a fan of the ivy green stain from Mason, but it does run dark. Might want to try a blend of things! Just make sure you take notes.

  • Hi, I tried to buy your buttons at Rhinebeck but couldn’t find 7 of the same. Do you sell them on-line? I fell in love with them. Thanks!

  • Hi Jennie, My friend and I attended Meg’s camp in 2011 and we still regret not buying the special Schoolhouse Press coffee mugs that you had for sale. Is there any chance that you have some in stock to purchase? Thanks, Lisa

  • was hoping to purchase a few yarn bowls form MD sheep and wool all ready to roll to MD and last minute could not make trip. let me know if there is any way you could ship me two bowls- saw the ones with the sheep !!

    Thank you !!!!

  • I would like to purchase some new mugs. Leaf style. I live in Detroit lakes minnesota. Hard to get to a show unless u are coming somewhere nnear here. Kathy

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