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To the Moon!!!

I’m on my way to the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival. One of my favorite drives from schizophrenic Minnesota spring into full tilt, capitol S, Spring. The potter mobile is packed with freshly made pots. Bowls, dishes, whiskey cups, stitch markers, and jewelry will all be in the booth, keeping all the mugs company.

Brainstorming ideas for the show mugs is always a hoot, and this year my head was in the stars. Each year this little crab has the best adventures. As each piece is different, sometimes a mug has a crabby pilot, sometimes the crab is on the moon, some may even have a small flock of crabs. Look out for the sheep too. Can’t have a sheep and wool mug with out the sheep now can we?

Come visit, I’m in same space as previous years. D-21 the Main Exhibition Hall. A handy link to the map is right here!


Almost there . . .



Life in potterville has been busy lately. The dream we launched with the Kickstarter is finally coming to life and each day brings new joys and decisions for the space I’m very antsy to call my new studio home.

Four roll off dumpsters removed the 70+ years of building choices made by previous tenants. Getting to the stage where new, fresh, pizza free walls were being hung is amazing. Watching professional dry wallers tape was magic. Each trade has it’s own eccentric equipment and I have always been fascinated by how people do what they do. This one might be my favorite. The area he’s taping is about 8 feet up the wall and he’s on stilts that look a bit like robotic pogo sticks covered in white mud. Here’s a link to see Jesus the drywall magician  at work.

This weekend is a big one for the space. We’ll be getting the painting underway. The list of things to accomplish is getting smaller by the day, and we are very excited to get some items moved into the shop!

We have started to plan some of the class offerings, and I’m super excited at what we have planned. Look for some class announcements this coming week!

Sunday at 2pm Central

flock of ornaments

I’m going to post pots tomorrow, Sunday 18th at 2:00 central time. All orders will be shipped on Monday the 19, and domestic priority delivery should still arrive in time for gifting Christmas weekend. I’m posting pictures of some of the available goodies in my instagram feed.
Thanks again for your patience while I was sick!

Update Postponed

Unfortunately, my attempts to push though my cold for the last six days has not worked and I’ve had to admit that I am actually sick. I’m a bit of a bear, and will stubbornly forge ahead despite all rational evidence to the contrary. Yesterday it became very apparent that I could really do no more than see a doctor and rest.

So, it is with great regret that I must delay the update. I have the work, the photos and necessary editing will just have to wait for me to be of whole body and mind. Sometimes when you are sick, you just need to be sick. I so very much appreciate your business, and your understanding.
I’ll post the new update time and date when l can commit to one. Look for that information soon on my Instagram feed, Twitter, Facebook or here.

Troops Headed East


I’m headed East toward Rhinebeck, in the car typing this as the miles fly by. It takes two solid days of driving to get from Minnesota to Rhinebeck, New York and I’m fortunate to have many drivers on this trip this year. So, here I am typing, instead of driving through the beautiful state of Pennsylvania.

We Minnesotan’s like to talk weather and this year might go down as the wettest on record. Anecdotally I’ve heard, “It’s a particularly good year for fungi,” more than once this spring and summer. True enough, as their abundance has made them a regular visual in my world, so much so that I put them on my pots. A group of mushrooms is called a troop, and these are troops I like best, colorful and whimsical.  The Peterson Guide to Fungi has been in heavy rotation identifying all the new troops sprouting after each rain. My mushrooms bend the rules a bit and are variety of colors and textures, a little departure from my usual technique. While I’ve not seen a tiny hedgehog under a mushroom umbrella at all this year, its a critter that fits well in my design arsenal. In the animal world, they’re probably the most likely knitter, right?

Once again, I’ll be setting up shop in the same location, outside booth 9, 27 A, closest to the 4-H gate. When you look at the map provided by the festival I’m near the rear end of the llama icon indicating the “llama parade gathering area.” Really, I love my job.

Join me for all the beautiful wondrous fun that is Rhinebeck, I brought the troops.


Red Bike 1 Classic Sheepy Black Yarn 6 Squirrel Love 2 DSC_0127 (1)
DSC_0124 DSC_0234

Here’s a little preview of today’s update. It will be a mug fest. Lots of ready to ship mugs in a variety of designs. While there are a few one of a kind mugs and cups, I’ve made a small series of some of the more popular designs to help more people get the piece they’re hoping for!

A rest, of sorts 

I’m not currently in the studio, instead I’m taking a rest, of sorts. I’m finally fulfilling a long time dream to participate in the Des Moines Register Annual Bike Ride Across Iowa, but known as RAGBRAI. 

It’s a phenomenal thing to be one of 10,000 riders on roads closed to vehicle traffic. It’s such a great slice of the Midwest with churches and civic organizations welcoming riders in each and every small town. There are kids with water pistols and sprinklers to cool us off. Older folks sitting in the shade waving hello, or the tractor shuttles that bring riders into host town each evening. From breakfast burritos to pickles there’s just about anything you might want from road side stands. It’s a great slice of America, and I’m doing my best to soak it all up, one (or three) pies at a time.