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Vases waiting for their bisque

Vases waiting for their bisque

One of the surprising benefits of my summer arm injury has been a refocusing of my creative process. It was initially immensely frustrating to cope with being unable to make and carve pots. I had to embrace other ways of creating the pattern and play I so love about making and decorating pots. Now that I can throw again, with almost full capacity, I can take these ideas and transfer them into new pieces.


Rice Bowl inside view

Rice Bowl inside view

I would describe my thrown forms as clean, utilitarian and simple. These new pots allow for a bit more texture and surface dimension. The result is less “tight” and has a bit more “flow.” (Darn it is difficult to express thetactile in words) I am enjoying this step into uncharted territory, I hope you all do too!

Rice Bowl outside

Rice Bowl outside





Every now and again I do something that makes me take my palm to my forehead and do my best Homer Simpson impression, “D’oh!” Why haven’t I done this before? This design is definitely one of those moments. Easily executed, and awfully pretty if I do say so myself, this new birch motif is sure to be on every form I make! They’ve always been amongst my favorite trees, and now I’ll be seeing them in my sleep.

Ps… I’ve been asked a lot lately what my next show is, and it is Wisconsin Sheep and Wool in September. My current studio work is being earmarked for an online update. I’m in the throes of summer revelry with the kiddos, so the date and time haven’t been scheduled yet. So, TBD! 

Wahoo! Green things!!

Tilling and grading

Coming back from Maryland Sheep and Wool is always the unofficial start of Spring around here. I leave Minnesota when its almost Spring, drive to Maryland where it is most definitely Spring and then drive back in time for Minnesota to bust out the blooms. After long cold winters I always want to shout, “Wahoo! Green things!!”

Last year we were fortunate to lease a community garden space a block from our house. We have always grown veggies, but as our trees mature in our yard we have less and less full sun for the plants to soak up. The community garden space is in full sun most of the day, score! We leased a plot again this year and the kids were super getting all the manure tilled into the space.

Lily and her rake
Our plants this year will include many many tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, broccoli, brussel sprouts, kale, onions, shallots, summer squash, beans, collard greens, cucumbers and lots of herbs. I’ll post pictures of the garden throughout the growing season, it is fun to watch it grow!

Bennie the digger

Hearty Heart Heart

Update coming your way soon. Lots of fresh new designs, and some old favorites. There will be a handful of gift certificate listings too. Have a mug you have been pining after, the one that got away? Look for the “oldie but goodie” listings tomorrow. Please read the shipping timelines carefully. Remember handcrafted is awesome, but it takes time.

Bike Buttons!

Red Bike Buttons

Makes you want to ride a tricycle or make a sweater for somebody who does.

Looks like someone posted a rather nice sweater with some buttons from my recent trip out west. Makes me want to knit up a sweater like that for my little man. I’ve posted a custom button listing in my etsy shop to make bike button dreams come true. Might be the start of a whole new crop of buttons available for sale online. If you have been to my booth at any of the shows I attend you’ll know I make a LOT of buttons in a myriad of shapes colors and sizes. The logistics of putting all the options on line is daunting to say the least. However, this is just the ticket. A single design at a time. Bring on the bikes!

Yarn in the Barn!

I’m adding another show to this already busy fall. Briar Rose is having their first ever Yarn in the Barn event. I’m a huge fan of Chris (the whole family really) and her fiber is fantastic. It gives me a great reason to return to Michigan to sell my work – its been over three years since I have had a show in the mitten state. Anne Hanson aka Knitspot will be teaching classes too! The details can be found over at the Briar Rose site.
I’m up to my eyeballs in production right now, so there will be lots of fresh pots!


Knitty 10th!

I’ve made a few special pots to commemorate the 10th anniversary of my favorite online knitting magazine, Knitty. It’s the first place I downloaded a knitting pattern from and over the years it has been a touchstone for what is going on in the knitting (and spinning) world. Huzzah! Bunnies, bunting, and balloons. Heck even a fat slice of chocolate cake. Mazel Tov Knitty! Here’s to 10 more.


Lookie here. I’m in Vogue! Well, my pots are, which is practically me, right? I’ve renewed a few choose your own mug and yarn bowl  postings on my esty shop for those interested in purchasing pots. My work was also published in Interweave’s Sockupied e-mag at the end of July. You’ll see the stitchmarkers are also listed in the etsy shop. I am SO appreciative of the press.
As always the best selection of designs and motifs are when you find me in person at shows. Just a few weeks to WI Sheep and Wool in Jefferson, my favorite Mid West festival. Then a few weeks to Rhinebeck! (and hopefully somewhere before Rhinebeck baby potter #2 will arrive!)




It’s just a day before I leave for Sock Summit and I’m proud to say we will have more pottery than we have ever had for a show – ever! Besides the pottery there are gads buttons, stitch markers, jewelry and spiffy new t-shirts too!

Full tilt production and many kilns have been fired during the nastiest heat wave of the season. Firing kilns in the winter is great, the summer not so much.

If your planning on attending I’m in a corner booth #723. Here’s a link to the marketplace map pdf. Take a look and plan your shopping. It’s easier than being overwhlmed by the amazing booty that will be there!

The market preview is on Thursday night from 4:30 -6:30pm and is for attendees only. The regular market runs

Friday, July 29th: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday, July 30th: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday, July 31st: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

I have made many special Sock summit 2011 mugs and will be saving a small quantity in reserve for folks attending the market on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If your heart is set on one, please come early and choose your mug. If they sell out again I might be persuaded to do a special order for later delivery.

In addition to the pots in the booth I have also made a few pieces for the silent auction on Thursday evening 6:00 – 8:30. The money raised goes to Doctor’s Without Borders / MSF. One mugs, one large yarn bowl and one jar in this year’s Sock Summit 2011 Mt. Hood design will be there. Please come early and bid often. It’s for a great cause.

I say this a lot, but it bears repeating. I hand make each and every item. Each piece has it’s own character and thus they are all a little different. While they all begin as the same weight ball of clay some are taller, squatter, or curvier.  Like people they have personality. It’s part of what makes handmade items so special.

So, come stop by say hi. Introduce yourself. Fondle the pottery, it’s meant to be held. Make a connection with a pot or a person – or both. This is the fun part of what I get to do. I look forward to meeting you.