Kickstarter Designs

Thank-you for supporting my Kickstarter. I’ve created a handy visual reference of the designs I offered for the rewards in the campaign. Please refer to this when choosing your design and glaze color way. We’ll work with each of you to personally ensure you receive the right reward!

Please note the design may appear on a different item than your specific reward. Please use your imagination and meld your reward with the design you like!

The number and variety of designs offered is a bit overwhelming, please take your time to review your individual reward category survey and then respond after looking over the designs below.


Lots of options in the ornament category. Some of the designs are available in the other categories of rewards too!

All wheel thrown pottery – Mugs, dishes, whiskey cups, bowls, plates, vases and mixing bowls are available in a variety of design motifs and color ways. Please refer to the ornaments above, or designs below. Color way options for your particular reward will be in your survey.

Impressed Floral Design – Choose a design ( Dahlia, Tulip, Sunflowers, or Summer Garden) and color way (Rainbow or Aqua and Pink)

Classic Sheepy

All Sheepy Mugs come with a yarn ball flanked by a white and black sheep. Choose from pink, red, orange, yellow, chartreuse, turquoise, medium blue, purple, black, grey or chocolate for your yarn ball. Shown below in medium blue.



Trees and Forget Me Not





Choose either knit stitch with abbreviations or critters. We’ll try and make some of your critter suggestions too, just add that information to your reward survey! Please use these as a reference, we’ll be making a special set based on your suggestions.