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Spring, Sprang, Sprung!




Getting outside at Afton State Park

Blue skies and fleet feet


I’ve decided to change up this month’s update a bit. I’m combining the March and April updates into one update. I’ve had a few requests for a weekend update and so the next update will be Sunday April 3 at 12:00 central. Changing the schedule gives me a little more leeway to get outside and recharge my batteries for my studio time! As a happy potter makes (more) happy pots!




Intersection and Small bits, coming soon . . .

Modified Thumbs Up

Modified Thumbs Up, the thumb goes to the splash pad.

It’s been an interesting summer here in Potterville. A bike mishap coupled with my normal activities (biking, pottery, weightlifting, knitting etc) has made a masterful stew of inflammation with the oh so glamorous name Intersection Syndrome**. It’s a painful condition, and I’m immobilized with a splint.

Unfortunately this has all sorts of everyday repercussions. Mine is largely a life led one handed. One of the more frustrating challenges has been no wheel work. I have not been actively throwing, trimming or carving for a few months now. This has been quite the challenge. My hand therapists assure me I will be back to work soon, and so I remain positive. Somedays I am more succesful than others.

This has unfortunately affected my fall schedule and I am unable to attend one of my favorite events, The Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival early this September. The event organizers have been kind enough to save my spot for 2016, and so I’ll be back next year. This schedule change will help me take some extra time to resume my work s l o w l y. I’m typically a bit of a tornado before a show, and my studio work will be more of a drip than a proper storm when it resumes.

It’s mind numbingly  s l o w this soft tissue healing. Most days I look forward to going to bed in the hopes that the following morning I’ll wake up and my hand will feel better. It’s an odd mental shift as I typically relish my first morning thought of, “What can I make today” Instead it has been,  “What can I do to safely mark time until I’m better?” There have been some silver linings, mostly more time with the kiddos and some longer than expected vacations. It’s really been mixed and has made me even more aware of how challenging it is for me to be idle.

pile o' pendants

pile o’ pendants

I have been amassing quite the selection of small bits, buttons, pendants and stitch markers in the studio. I’m in the process of prepping some of these for online sale. The photography has been slow going. Did you know this ENTIRE WORLD seems to be created for right handed folks? (All my SLR buttons and toggles are on the right.) Photo editing is also a hoot with your non dominant hand. Try it. It’s soo fun. (by fun I mean frustrating) We’ve taken to modifying most everything these days. Including my thumbs up.

I’m almost finished with the editing, and the posts will go live on my Etsy shop this Sunday after 12 noon Central. I’m not sending out a email notification for this small bits sale, as there will not be pots. I’ll be announcing it on Twitter, Ravelry and Instagram too!

intersection syndrome

**For those interested in the pathophisioloigy of Intersection syndrome here’s an excerpt from MedScape

“The condition has long been held to be caused by friction from the overlying extensor pollicis brevis (EPB) and abductor pollicis longus (APL) tendons.[8] Tensile and shearing stresses in the tendons and peritendinous tissues may lead to thickening, adhesions, and cellular proliferation. Subsequent swelling and proliferation of tenosynovium may cause pain, as these tissues are compressed within the unyielding second extensor compartment.”



Every now and again I do something that makes me take my palm to my forehead and do my best Homer Simpson impression, “D’oh!” Why haven’t I done this before? This design is definitely one of those moments. Easily executed, and awfully pretty if I do say so myself, this new birch motif is sure to be on every form I make! They’ve always been amongst my favorite trees, and now I’ll be seeing them in my sleep.

Ps… I’ve been asked a lot lately what my next show is, and it is Wisconsin Sheep and Wool in September. My current studio work is being earmarked for an online update. I’m in the throes of summer revelry with the kiddos, so the date and time haven’t been scheduled yet. So, TBD! 

Miss Babs

Knitter's mitten Hamsa

Knitter’s mitten Hamsa

I’ve been hard at work filling orders from this year’s shows and making a few special pieces for a collaboration with Miss Babs. She asked me to design a Hamsa “ornament” to coincide with a mitten pattern kit she was working on. It was fun researching and designing this talisman. I’m quite pleased with the finished design and really enjoyed the process of this project. The final kits look amazing, and are sure to sell quickly. All the Hamsa ornaments I made and the limited edition mugs are available through Miss Babs shop today at 12 Eastern.

Hamsa inspired mitten and mug

Hamsa inspired mitten and mug

Ornaments and Yarn pairings

Ornaments and Yarn pairings

Its been months in the making and today is finally the day the ceramics are available! Here’s a few pictures of the progress of this collaboration as I was working on them in the studio. Those of you who follow me on Instagram may have seen some of these pictures. It’s hard to be excited about something and unable to share it fully, so I may have been a bit obscure.

fresh stack

fresh stack

Hamsa Mug limited edition for Miss Babs ready for glazing

Hamsa Mug limited edition for Miss Babs ready for glazing

Hamsa lineup ready for glazing

Hamsa lineup ready for glazing

Glazed and ready to fire

Glazed and ready to fire

Psst . . . I’ll have a bunch of little gift items available in my etsy shop today at 11 Central too.

Hearty Heart Heart

Update coming your way soon. Lots of fresh new designs, and some old favorites. There will be a handful of gift certificate listings too. Have a mug you have been pining after, the one that got away? Look for the “oldie but goodie” listings tomorrow. Please read the shipping timelines carefully. Remember handcrafted is awesome, but it takes time.

Holiday Update 2011

The end of the 2011 is almost here. I’m all finished with shows for the season. I’m hoping Minnesota will finally get some appreciable snow so we can all play outside. (really it’s December where is our snow? ) While I wait for that snow to come I will be making the last pots of 2011. If you’re on the update list watch your email boxes as I’ll be sending the date and time for the holiday update this week. All orders will be shipped within 48 hrs of the update- and domestic orders should get to their homes in plenty of time to be wrapped for the holiday. Stay tuned . . .