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Once again its time for Rhinebeck time. I’ve been working diligently morning, noon and night preparing for this show. I have lots of pots. LOTS. New designs and old favorites. I packed all the pots into their bins for safe transport before I took a picture of a finished one, dag-nab-it. Here’s a picture of one in progress, freshly painted and just carved.
I’ll be in the same location as years past, come visit will you?

Head Up, Potter

Minty Leaf Mug

Minty Leaf Mug

My studio is in our home, in the basement. We live in a small house and the kids room is directly above my work space, well everything is above my workspace. I’m often working before they wake, stopping work when I hear the pitter patter of Lil’s feet, or the E-I-E-I-OOOOOO from Ben as he sings in his crib to wake his sister. As soon as they know I’ve heard them the gig is up and the pots are covered until I can get to them later in the day. Then I’m Mom and partner doing those things that make a home and a life. This work life teeter totter has its advantages and disadvantages, no doubt. Sometimes while working I forget that these things I make only a few people see as I’m making them. My head is down throwing, painting, carving. Cleaning, glazing and putting on a shelf. Stocking up , filling shelves for the next event. These designs and ideas for my pots that have been tweedling in my head, waking me early and keeping me up late are just mine, until I remember to pick up my head and share them with you. I’m quite smitten with my new work. I hope you are too.

Leafy explosion

Leafy explosion

Couch wrestling

picture of Lil and Ben wrestling on the couch

a regular feature here these days

What to do with two revved up kids during the cold wintry afternoons? (-13 F this morning) Pull off all the couch cushions and wrestle, of course. Sometimes we bounce like we’re on a trampoline, but mostly we giggle and roll about. It’s been a while since I posted, and I know many folks who like to see what the kids are up to, so a pottery free post today while I get back into the swing of posting things on the site. What sort of things do you do to fend off the crazies of winter?

Summer Fun

Just back from our summer camping adventure in the north woods.  Fun was had by all- especially the almost three year old. Improvisational charcoal straight from the campfire ring. As they say life is what you make it, and kids show you there is fun to be had everywhere in every detail. Turns out campfire charcoal is pretty nice to rub on those pesky bug bites too.