6 thoughts on “After

  1. Jaya

    Hey Jennie,
    Are you still looking for help at Rhinebeck? I’m in class on Sat pm but I can help out any other time. Email me and let me know… I am looking forward to seeing you again!


  2. Savannagal

    What a lovely bowl. Do you offer your bowls and mugs for sale on Etsy? I didn’t see any listed. Thanks.

  3. Jennie Post author

    I do offer my work on etsy, whenever I have enough to do so. The majority of my work is earmarked for the shows I attend. I’m hoping to have an etsy update in November .

  4. Lonnie

    I got a small bowl from you at Powderhorn about 3 years ago. I LOVE this squirrel bowl…bopefully it will be available for purchase on etsy soon???? The new vases are great as well.

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