20 thoughts on “The wait is finally over!

  1. Ana Petrova

    A big huge HUG to both of you! He is adorable! Congratulations! Welcome to motherhood, the best job in the world.

  2. Nancy

    Congratulations to all of you! She's a mighty special little girl to be born 09/09/09! Don't forget to put the knitting needles in her hands!

  3. Shelley


    That little girl is gorgeous. Congrats to you all. Her name? How was labor?

    I am so happy for you!!


  4. Adina

    Congratulations, Jennie!! We missed you at Allegan but now see it was for a good cause. Much joy and happiness always.
    Adina and Eric in Illinois

  5. Annie

    That is the MOST beautiful newborn baby I've EVER seen! Max was also a little jaudiced, it passes quickly (especially with breast feeding) and – ironically – gives them such nice color!

    I brought you a very small baby gift from the UK – cannot wait to see you and J and the new little lamb!

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