Mark this!

I’ve got some new projects coming out of production and into the marketplace soon.
I’ve been taking pictures – see? I’m curious to know – What do you think about these markers?

10 thoughts on “Mark this!

  1. twinsetellen

    I really liked this design as a pin, I love it as a marker. And I love that you use the lobster claw clasp so it can either go on the needle or into the yarn.

  2. Ana

    Jenny they are very nice and I like the clasp too. How about doing some with numbers or abc?

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and say hi to your mom!

  3. jennie

    Thanks for all the comments! To answer a few questions. They are not very heavy – the clasp is actually heavier than the clay. Yes, the larger picture is a pendant. Those will be ready soon! Stay tuned for numbers and another special edition marker! Happy Thanksgiving all!

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